Blinding Light chooses the Mac Aura XB to expand its wash light inventory

Aura XBs

We have recently invested in large quantities of the Mac Aura XB to expand our inventory of moving wash lights. 

When it came to sourcing and purchasing new moving LED wash lights we wanted to evaluate all the products available in the market. It soon became obvious that the Aura XB was the perfect choice for our requirements, these fixtures are just about the brightest we’ve seen for their size and are fast becoming the industry benchmark for wash lights. They are ideal for creating high impact colour washes plus they’re light and compact which makes them a great addition to our inventory. Plus their compact size also means that they will save on truck space when compared to similar fixtures.

For more information about the Aura XB visit the equipment section >>

We’ve seen significant growth in the last two years and found that we were lacking LED washes in large numbers. The XB is widely available in the market place which means we can easily source more units should we need to.

There are a number of criteria that we take into consideration before making any investment in new equipment. Return on investment is a key priority, but at the same time we need to ensure that we invest in equipment that our Lighting Designers want to use. We received a number of positive reviews about the Aura XB from a large proportion of the LDs that we work with on a regular basis and ultimately it was this increase in demand that drove our purchase.

If you'd like to get a quote for the MAC Aura XBs, please email or call the office on +44 (0) 118 988 4422