New equipment purchases for 2016

What better way to start the new year than with some new equipment. As always, our purchases reflect the feedback that we get from our customers. Our latest investments include:

  • Luminex Gigacore 12 Ethernet Switches and Luminex Ethernet Nodes
  • More Chamsys MQ100 desks
  • Aditional mains distribution
  • An increase to our stock of Selecon Rama 1.2k Fresnels.

Gigacore family 6 2Luminex Gigacore 12 Ethernet Switches and Luminex Ethernet Nodes

These products are helping us to strengthen our control networking solutions for 2016. The Ethernet-DMX8 MkII is an Ethernet node that serves eight DMX512 outlets, compatible with the Artnet and sACN protocols. All outlets are conform to DMX512-A and can be used as input or output.

Additional Mains Distribution

To complement our existing range of distro we have purchased some 400 amp Powerlock units with variable earth leakage, and some Powerlock to 6 Socapex Distro with 36 ways of RCBO protection. 

Download our mains distro brochure to find out more about our other distro units >>

Selecon RamaSelecon Rama 1.2kw Fresnels and more consoles

This very popular fixture was in high demand in 2015, so we've invested to ensure we have these great generics in stock for more events in 2016. 

We've also expanded our stock of the popular Chamsys MagicQ MQ100 desk. All the models we hold are now as Pro 2014 spec.

To find out more about equipment availability and pricing, please call one of the team today on +44 (0)118 988 4422 or email