Jack Morton: Conference 2015

Jack-Morton Conference

Project Overview

  • In June, a leader in enterprise cloud commerce solutions held its annual European conference in London.
  • The two day conference attended by around 750 people provided a vital platform for their user community to engage, interact and network. Blinding Light was approached by production company Jack Morton to provide rigging and lighting for the plenary conference.
  • The design developed by Lighting Designer Nick Holloway, used a mixture of generic and intelligent fixtures. 1k Selecon Rama Fresnels were used to provide a stage wash while Source Four Profiles allowed for specific areas of the stage to be highlighted including a retail area on stage right and a panel discussion area centre stage.
  • The set design included 6 diamonds which were individually lit with additional Source Fours and back lit in two groups with LED tape operating in a complimentary colour to the set to increase visual perspective. Miltec LED Batterns were also incorporated to uplight the set and were chosen because of their low height profile and power consumption.
  • Intelligent lights came in the form of Clay Paky A.leda K10s which were used to provide stage colour and programmed for walk up stings and 300 HPEs were utilised for gobo projection across the set, stage and ceiling of the venue.
  • Prior to the event Blinding Light completed health and safety documentation which also included details about specific point loading weights that were required by the venue.

“It was an absolute pleasure to be approached by Blinding Light to assist with this job. Dom Sheerman and all the team at Blinding Light provided comprehensive support from start to finish. All the kit provided for the job was excellently prepared and extra items were swift to arrive on site.” Nick Holloway, LD.


Jack Morton


Clay Paky A.leda K10s and 300 HPEs
Miltec LED Batterns
Source Four Profiles
1K Selecon Rama Fresnels
650W Fresnels
LED tape & controller
Chamsys MQ60
Litec QX30 truss
Lodestar Motors


Full lighting design & rigging service including all equipment & labour.
CAD drawings, weight loading & power calculations.
Project management
Risk Assessments & Method Statements

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