Fire Light: Themed Party at One Mayfair

Themed Party at One Mayfair

Project Overview

  • Blinding light was delighted to support Fire Light Design and production company Firehouse with lighting for a themed party at One Mayfair.
  • The party for the FTSE 100 end client had a horror theme and as well as immersing attendees into the macabre, the lighting also had to support numerous entertainment acts that would perform throughout the night on the main stage.
  • Blinding Light’s project management team worked closely with lighting designer Jon Bromley to supply a range of lighting fixtures all prepared to Blinding Light’s exacting standards.
  • Jon’s design utilised Clay Paky A.leda K10s and Robe Pointes and SGM X5 Strobes to light the performance area, while LED Pixel Tubes were used as background effects and Miltec LED Batterns were used to uplight a spooky feature in the cloakroom area.
  • Blinding Light also supplied the parts to construct a huge lightning conductor feature which was flown across the venue. This included the supply of SGM LT200 tubes, RGB LED tape and vintage squirrel cage chandeliers.
  • All the lighting was controlled by Mark Jones using a Chamsys MQ100 desk.


 Fire Light Design & Project Management Ltd


Clay Paky A.leda K10s
Robe Pointes
LED Pixel Tubes
Miltec Battens & 1/2 Battens
SGM X5 LED Strobes
Minuette 650w Fresnels
Chamsys MQ100 Desk


Project management
Supply of lighting

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