Barclaycard: Leadership Conference

TopB Barclaycard

Project Overview

  • In November last year, Blinding Light embarked on lighting a leadership conference with a twist for Barclaycard at the Thames Four Pillars hotel in Oxford. The challenge was to transform a conservatory breakfast room into an “outdoor park” making attendees feel like they were out in open space.
  • With no rigging available, Blinding Light had to design and erect a ground support structure that would support all the lighting, sound and video equipment required for the conference. The structure was meticulously planned to fit the perimeter of the room, maximising the available conference space and keeping the legs of the support as close to the existing pillars.
  • A subtle lighting rig was designed and implemented to create the appropriate ambience and complement the presentation. 12x Fresnels were used to create an open white wash for the presentation space, while 12x Miltec battens were used to uplight the ceiling blinds to imitate a blue sky for the “outdoor park”. RGB LED tape was also used to highlight alcoves and recesses in the room while GDC wireless uplighters provided additional colour to internal walls where required.


Top Banana


Litec QX30 Truss
650w Fresnels
GDS Wireless Uplighters

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