Deloitte: Conference 2014

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Project Overview

  • The Fairmont Hotel in Monte Carlo was the venue for Deloitte's recent three day leadership conference. Working closely with Chaos Visual Productions, Blinding Light supplied the lighting fixtures to make a design by Greg Norgeot of UVLD in New York come to life. Among the fixtures supplied were Clay Paky 800s and K10 moving lights as well as a mixture of Colourforce 12, 48 and 72 generic fixtures. 
  • The job presented a few interesting challenges, not least of which was the minimal 16 rigging points which could only support a load of 125kgs each. This meant that the initial design had to be severely modified to cope with the small weight loadings. Blinding Light worked with designer Greg Norgeot to revise the design a number of times and ensure it complied.
  • Using the final design, Blinding Light converted the existing CAD drawings from US specifications into European formats. This also enabled Blinding Light to modify the drawings to a house style that regular freelancers would instantly recognise and understand. This ensured a quick installation by the five crew supplied by Blinding Light for the rig and helped to meet the deadline of having the rig built and focussed within 18 hours. 


Chaos Visual Productions


Clay Paky 800s
Clay Paky K10s
Colourforce 12, 48 & 72s

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