Blinding Light Extends Range of LED Fixtures Even Further

4th July 2014

Lumipar 7Our continued investment in new lighting fixtures is designed to provide you with new ideas and lighting solutions that can be implemented at your next event for maximum impact. Our latest purchases are no exception. 

Meet the Lumipar 7. This compact LED parcan has 6 colour mixing LEDs, RGBWAP. The addition of purple LEDs in this fixture, enables a whole new range of colours, that were not possible to create previously, can now be achieved. This new generation also affords full control over colour saturation and temperature, again features that were not available on previous models. 

We think the ultra-thin design and the absence of fans make the LUMIPAR7HPRO a big innovation in the LED par range. The thin design also make this an ideal choice for internal truss lighting in our QX range of truss and has the versitility to be used as an uplighter or par. 


  • 7 x 12W RGBWAP high-power LEDs
  • Beam angle: 25°
  • White color temperature present: 3,200K - 10,000K
  • Field angle: 34°
  • Colour synthesis: RGBWAP/FullColor colour mixing (>16 million colours)

Watch the Lumipar 7 in action:

We've also recently purchased over 100 Eurolite LED DMX pixel tubes. These intelligent multicolour LED tubes with DMX control contain 144 LEDs (48 x red, 48 x green, 48 x blue) which are subdivided into 16 pixels which can be controlled individually by DMX. The fixtures facilitate automatic colour changes and have 22 internal programs with variable speed to create a range of effects, they also have a blackout function. 

LED DMX pixel tubes 1Mode selection is possible via DIP switches and DMX control is possible with 48 control channels via any standard DMX controller. 

All our units have been configured for indoor wall mounting and ceiling suspension. This allows the units to be cascaded at a desired height in order to create large effect areas.


  • 144 LEDs (8 x red, 48 x green, 48 x blue)
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • Dimensions: 1005 x 50 x 75mm
  • Weight: 1kg

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