Nespresso: Cubania Coffee Launch

Experiential Nespresso

Project Overview

  • For the launch of its new Cubania coffee, Nespresso wanted to immerse their guests in Cuban coffee culture. Blinding Light worked with global brand experience agency, Jack Morton to create six distinct environments within a warehouse space in London’s East End.
  • Based on visual concepts and a story board created by Jack Morton, Blinding Light’s design director, Turbo produced a final design for lighting that would provide appropriate mood and effect lighting throughout the different zones.
  • The venue already had basic lighting and power, to complement this Blinding Light also installed a mother grid system that enabled additional power to be distributed throughout the venue. This additional power not only supported the lighting fixtures but also powered practical and theatrical equipment including the all-important coffee machines.
  • A range of traditional lights such as Fresnels and Profiles were used to create dramatic shadows and Cuban-esque colour tones. A number of haze machines were also installed to create light beams from HMI lights that could shine through architectural railings.


Jack Morton


Haze machine


Design & drawings
Risk assessments
Supply of lighting and crew

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