Blinding Structures

1st December 2013

In need of a stage? Or a building that can be erected in a matter of hours? Blinding Light has the answer through a new range of structures that can provide comfortable and safe accommodation for a wide variety of temporary or semi-permanent applications.

With entertainment being a key aspect of many events – be they private, public, corporate or media-related – the provision of temporary staging that is practical, reliable and fully compliant with regulations is an important concern for event organisers, company promotions and broadcasters.

Blinding Light can provide a full-size, roofed stage that measures 8 metres in width, 6 metres in depth and 7 metres in height. It can typically be erected and rigged in around five hours, making it ideal for short-notice and limited-duration events. Fully integrated with Blinding Light’s own lighting systems, the structure is ‘self-climbing’ so that lighting, power and sound installations can be rigged at a comfortable working height without the need for special platforms. The rigging truss is then winched up into position. For smaller events the roof and rig can be mounted on fixed 5-metre legs.

In the past many corporate events have, by necessity, been undertaken outdoors. But that is no longer the case. If you have a suitable area of flat ground then you can have a temporary building that offers greater levels of comfort  – and quicker erection and breakdown – than traditional marquees.

Blinding Light’s inflatable building range covers high-quality, watertight cubic structures that offer internal floor areas of 3 x 3 metres, and 12 x 12 metres. Inflating in around an hour, the buildings are easily tethered to either concrete anchor blocks or Terra twist bolts, and can accommodate a variety of free-standing lighting/power rigs.

The uses to which these temporary buildings can be put is limitless: a lecture theatre or exhibition area for a corporate roadshow, a dining hall for a banquet, or a temporary office or workshop to meet a period of high demand. The choice is yours!